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  • Archival collections
  • documentary editions
  • oral histories
  • e-monographs
  • theorizing and building digital tools
  • spatial projects
  • encyclopedia
  • collaborative work
  • cyberenvironments & enculturation
  • performance in virtual environments
  • K-12
  • teaching and learning
  • multimedia expressions
  • text-encoding
  • imaging and visualizations
  • 3d virtual worlds
  • GIS
  • data/metadata standards
  • digital preservation
  • digital libraries
  • early modern studies
  • public outreach
  • collaboration among scholars
  • collaboration among funders
  • sustainability and scalability (digital projects, digital libraries, museums: how do these work in a national environment?)
  • Centers of what, for what? focused on digital techniques, computational methods, or focused on humanities disciplines?
  • bricks and mortar centers vs. virtual organizations
  • higher education and research
  • sustainability in libraries, archives, museum
  • conservation and preservation of collections
    public understanding of cultural heritage
    development of technology (open source, shared)