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CopyBot is text based client for Second Life developed by a group of griefers and content thiefs known as the Patriotic Nigras who's motto is "Ruining Your Second Life Since 2006. It has a deservedly poor reputation in Second Life as its primary function was to make content theft and griefing easier. However, it could be a very useful tool for archiving Second Life content. A full list of functions is given in he CopyBot Functions. The functions of most use to us however, are export and import which export and import object data to and from an XML file.

The export function will downloads all of the object data into an XML file with a name of your choosing (an example is in Example LLSD XML File from Copybot). It also downloads all of the textures used on this object. There are a couple important caveats. First, it breaks all links to IP ownership. The names of the content creator and owner do not even appear in the file. Given the history behind CopyBot, trust may be a huge issue if we use this tool. Second, it does not gather object contents. So, scripts, sounds, etc. will still have to be collected manually. Also probably inserted back into the objects manually.

To use CopyBot both ethically and as securely as possible we should probably do the following.

  1. Develop a web based system where IP oweners can login and give or deny permission to archive their objects.
    1. We message owners and ask them to visit a website
    2. They can see what objects we propose archiving
    3. They create an account and verify that the avatar is theirs
      • I have already created such systems before.
      • Having a method for them to verify what we say is true might be hard.
    4. We only archive objects for which we have permission.
    5. Hopefully given we are affiliated with Universities and Library of Congress will buy us some trust
  2. The sim scanner I have already made will get all the metadata we need, including all the IP information.
  3. The object UUIDs can be fed to the bot over the web, and the bot will then download the files