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Use this page for listing possible grant-funding opportunities for carrying on PVW research.

I. NEH grant opportunities

Note: Some of these may not be relevant, but I post them below to let folks know what's available. Also, the deadlines are too close, or have passed, but they give us an idea of what the timeline should be in developing a proposal for next year.

Collaborative Research Grants October 29, 2009
DFG/NEH Bilateral Digital Humanities Program: Enriching Digital Collections
- do we know anyone in Germany we could work with?
October 8, 2009
Digging into Data Challenge Letter of intent: March 15, 2009
Application receipt: July 15, 2009
Humanities Collections and Resources
July 15, 2009
Institutes for Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities
- maybe there's a topic in PVW that would be worthwhile exploring
in the context of an advanced institute
  1. to bring together humanities scholars and digital technology specialists from different disciplines to share ideas and methods that advance humanities research, education, preservation, access, or public programming through the use of digital technologies;
  2. to allow these participants to reflect on, interpret, and analyze new digital media, multimedia, and text-based computing technologies and integrate these into humanities research;
  3. to prepare current and future generations of humanities scholars to design, develop, and use cyber-based tools and environments; and
  4. to devise new and creative uses for technology that offer valuable models that can be applied specifically to the humanities.
February 18, 2009