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Welcome GSLIS Alums!! It's official – we have formed the GSLIS Capital Region Alumni Group!

It turns out that there are more than 600 GSLIS alumni living in the greater Washington DC region (second only to Chicago). And we need your help to shape and develop this group. Share your ideas and thoughts on what you think we can do together, and how we want to build our U of I community. There are many opportunities to help each other, as well as to help new and future GSLIS grads.

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A small group of us met on March 8th, 2007 to talk about officially forming a GSLIS alumni group for the DC region. Dean John Unsworth met with 13 alums to give a brief update on what's going on at the University, and lead a discussion on what types of things we'd like to do as a group, as well as how we can help the GSLIS.

Some of the ideas we came up with include:

  • Create an online community and continuing education opportunities
  • Create venues for networking, mentoring, assisting in recruitments and placements
  • Help the school identify future Alternate Spring Break locations (a new program that brings students to DC to shadow librarians in specific types of libraries)
  • We can also help students understand more about various types of library jobs, provide career coaching, housing for Alternate Spring Breakers, create special workshops or seminars on such things as "the things you never learn in library school", or organize "spend a day at _____". We could even arrange to meet with student groups (virtually and in person) about specific topics or issues
  • Assist with the upcoming capital campaign, support the GSLIS through fundraising activities, teaching, and referring applicants to various GSLIS programs