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Please see the main project site for more information.

Ongoing Meeting

Conference Deadlines

Advisory Meetings

First annual BIS advisory meeting May 9-10, 2006, Urbana, IL.
Second annual BIS advisory meeting October 18, 2007


Courses relevant to the GSLIS MS in Bioinformatics:
LIS 590BDI: Biodiversity Informatics
LIS 590BI: Introduction to Biological Informatics Problems and Resources
LIS 590TR: Information Transfer and Collaboration in Science
LIS 590OD: Ontology Development
LIS 590ON: Ontologies in the Natural Sciences

Project Papers, Posters, and Presentations

TDWG: Biodiversity Information Standards Conference
JBDC 2006: Biological Information Specialists for Biological Informatics
DCC 2006: Graduate Curriculum for Biological Information Specialists: A Key to Integration of Scale in Biology
DCC 2007: Data Curation for the Long Tail of Science
DigCCurr 2007: Data Curation Education and Biological Information Specialists
Botany & Plant Biology: Poster for Masters of Science in Bioinformatics
BioCurator 2007: 2nd International Biocuration Meeting
ARL 2008: Preparing e-Science Information Specialists: New Programs and Professionals

Promotional Materials

MS in Bioinformatics Flier
MS in Bioinformatics Posters
Recruitment Mailings

Data Curation Education Program

DCEP wiki


Curriculum Analysis
Job search
Institutional Review Board Materials
Notes on the Interview Process
Writing style guide
Bioinformatics Library Holdings at UIUC