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Useful resources for this class

This is a collaborative assemblage of useful resources about museum informatics.
It also contains documents as attachments:
Please contribute references, links and brief descriptions of the resource.
Please also consider helping by tidying up references into a more consistent format, and by creating and grouping into subcategories.


Personal Digital Collections


Museums, especially science museums have a long history of interactives - items where you can press a button or turn a handle to make something happen.
These can be physical, virtual or mixed.
Find some examples and share them here
Starter: Photosynth is an interesting, interactive project from Microsoft. [JEF]

Museums and YouTube

This Google Blog Article describes new online content from Yad Vashem (a Jerusalem-based center devoted to Holocaust rememberance, education, and research), including YouTube channels in English and Arabic.

Play at the V&A

Attached Documents


Museums and Social Networking

  • The ArtShare Facebook application share art from Brooklyn Museum, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Powerhouse Museum, V&A, and Walters Art Museum on your Facebook profile.

Novel uses of technology

Museum Systems

  • Pachyderm A multimedia authoring tool for building Flash-based services for museum online exhibits.

Collections databases

Handheld Devicies for Museum visits