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A list of examples of Interactive Resources relating to Cultural Heritage.

Feel free to suggest others, by adding them to the list
If you want to claim it as the one you are investigating, put your initials next to it.
If you are providing it as open to anyone, don't add any initials.
If you want to, add an explanatory sentence of what the interactive is.


Not all the suggestions here are necessarily very interactive. On spending time with them you may reject them for another.
Some may no longer work.
Some require downloading and installing. Only pick one of these if you have a laptop that it will work on, so you can bring your laptop to class and run a test in room 52. We can't install applications on those machines. It is your decision about whether to risk installing the application on your machine. I haven't tested all of these. I'm pretty confident that they are safe to install, but I could be wrong.
And some are very addictive...

The List

Resources where you can find other examples