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Useful resources for this class

This is a collaborative assemblage of useful resources about museum informatics.
It also contains documents as attachments:
Please contribute references, links and brief descriptions of the resource.
Please also consider helping by tidying up references into a more consistent format, and by creating and grouping into subcategories.

Job Opportunities

Interesting Articles

New York Times: "Outcry Over a Plan to Sell Museum's Holdings"

Reuters: "Art under threat from climate change: U.N. experts"

New York Times: "Why University Museums Matter"

"Baghdad Museum Reopens Six Years After Looting"

"74 Laid off at Met Museum; Many More May Follow"

Interesting Blogs


Personal Digital Collections


Museums, especially science museums have a long history of interactives - items where you can press a button or turn a handle to make something happen.
These can be physical, virtual or mixed.
Find some examples and share them here
Starter: Photosynth is an interesting, interactive project from Microsoft.

Museums and YouTube

This Google Blog Article describes new online content from Yad Vashem (a Jerusalem-based center devoted to Holocaust rememberance, education, and research), including YouTube channels in English and Arabic.

Play at the V&A

Attached Documents


Museums and Social Networking

  • The ArtShare Facebook application share art from Brooklyn Museum, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Powerhouse Museum, V&A, and Walters Art Museum on your Facebook profile.
  •  Smithsonian 2.0 conference proceedings from a January 2008 meeting about Smithsonian Institution collections in the digital age. Webcasts from portions of the conference are available in the "Multimedia" section of the site.

Novel uses of technology

Museum Systems

  • Pachyderm A multimedia authoring tool for building Flash-based services for museum online exhibits.

Collections databases

Handheld Devices for Museum visits