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h3. 04/27/2009 Iterated Classification Game
* Readings: Samarth Swarup and Les Gasser, "[The Iterated Classification Game: A New Model of the Cultural Transmission of Language|]", Accepted for publication in Adaptive Behavior.
Readings: {quote}
The Iterated Classification Game (ICG) combines the Classification Game with the It-
erated Learning Model (ILM) to create a more realistic model of the cultural transmission
of language through generations. It includes both learning from parents and learning from
peers. Further, it eliminates some of the chief criticisms of the ILM: that it does not study
grounded languages, that it does not include peer learning, and that it builds in a bias for
compositional languages. We show that, over the span of a few generations, a stable linguis-
tic system emerges that can be acquired very quickly by each generation, is compositional,
and helps the agents to solve the classification problem with which they are faced. The
ICG also leads to a different interpretation of the language acquisition process. It suggests
that the role of parents is to initialize the linguistic system of the child in such a way that
subsequent interaction with peers results in rapid convergence to the correct language.
* {quote}

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